G&L E-Bass CLF Research L-1000 Limited Edition, OST, CR Old School Tobacco

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G&L E-Bass CLF Research L-1000 Limited Edition, OST, CR Old School Tobacco Sunburst

Old School Tobacco Sunburst, Okoume Korpus, Vintage Tinted Glossy Ahornhals mit 1 5/8“ Heritage C Profil, Caribbean Rosewood Griffbrett mit 9,5″ Radius
Vintage L-1000 Headstock, Logo und Logoplatzierung
1 passiver „CLF Heritage“ Magnetic Field Design Humbucker, 1 Volumenregler, 1 Höhenregler, 1 Bassregler,
Vintage chrome CLF Research Knobs
Vintage seriell/OMG/Parallel Mini-Toggle mit farbiger Kappe, Chrom Control Plate, G&L Saddle Lock Bridge mit verchromten Messingreitern


Category: CLF Research

The new CLF Research L-1000 brings back the best of the iconic passive G&L bass from 1980. Fans of the vintage G&L “wunkay” know.

It’s that rounded, fast shape of the neck combined with the slick feel of an old gloss finish. It’s the clean, modern aesthetic of the original CLF/G&L headstock.

It’s the tactile delight of those beautiful CLF Research knobs shimmering from an elegant chrome control plate. And of course, there’s the legendary punch of the L-1000’s MFD humbucker in OMG mode.

Now take all that goodness and pack it into the slimmer mid-90s L-Series body shape for added comfort and lower weight, and you can make it through that 3 hour gig with tone and style to spare.

And when you’re on the road, you can count on the neck to be more stable than those beloved vintage wunkays, with a modern dual-action truss rod and twin graphite stiffening rods. Add it all up and you’ve got the best of the vintage CLF vibe with the best of modern G&L elements.




In the late 1970s, Clarence Leo Fender† was looking forward to launching his new G&L brand featuring his latest innovations including Magnetic Field Design pickups and the Saddle Lock bridge.  Leo developed these technologies at his CLF™ Research company, and production of the new G&L instruments took place in the CLF Research factory on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California, where G&L production continues today.

The new CLF Research L-1000 is a fully modern “wunkay” that pays homage to its roots with classic details including the early CLF/G&L headstock and neck profile, beautifully reproduced CLF knobs and control plate, and red-capped mini toggle switch.

Thin urethane finish choices are:

Pharaoh Gold Firemist over basswood with Caribbean rosewood fingerboardOld School Tobacco Sunburst over Okoume with Caribbean rosewood fingerboardRally Red over basswood with maple fingerboardNatural Ash with maple fingerboard

Founded by Leo Fender in 1980, G&L USA instruments continue to be made in the historic G&L facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California, the Birthplace of Bolt-on™.

The G&L name, stylized G&L logo, distinctive “hook” headstock design, ASAT, Magnetic Field Design and MFD are registered trademarks or trademarks of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc.

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